Our story

Over the past 5 years of doing business and meeting all kinds of wonderful people, not only artists, we are happy to say that our events were successful, and we are in a position to choose who we are working with. Even though it looked like nothing was happening during the Covid time and there were no live events, there was still a lot going on for us. We are ready to make our fans happy with new possibilities for New 2024. The entertainment industry is generalist as popular as before, but what is life without good concerts, theatre, or just partying with friends? There is a reason for all beautiful songs, books, ballet, plays, music, pictures, and art to exist for as long as the world. Without art, man is not human anymore! Don’t you feel we are becoming robots? Follow us for our future events on FB, IG, and TikTok.

Tieventi is an event management company.

We can make events all over Canada. Our concerts were organized in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. We did Theatre play in Toronto, Kitchener, Windsor, Ottawa and Montreal.

We can connect people all over Canada, and that is our purpose, as well as that everyone has a good time and leaves the event happy. Arts start the soul, and our main goal is to support arts. Any artist who reached out to us can tell you that Tievent has helped them in any way.

Besides organizing events, we also do promotion and marketing, not only for our events but also for our sponsors and others who need help with marketing for their business.

We help you- you help us. We don’t hesitate to help in networking or promotion; you don’t hesitate to donate for future events. Our sponsors are very valued, and all their investments pay off in many ways.

With the economic situation in Canada, it is very appreciated to have good sponsors, and we naturally understand all of you who have supported our events.

For Donations, please see our packages.

Whether you’re looking to secure tickets for an upcoming event or in need of expert event organization services, Tieventi has you covered. Purchase your tickets hassle-free and trust us to seamlessly organize an event that exceeds your expectations. Our commitment to excellence ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience, whether you’re attending or hosting.